Fataliyeva Yegana Nail kizi
PhD student, Research Institute of Economic Reforms under
Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Azerbaijan


Purpose – to explore the significance of Export Credit Agencies (ECAs) in the stimulation of the export and the necessity of the expansion of their activities in the Republic of
Azerbiajan in modern world.
Design/methodology – systemic approach and comparative analysis.

Findings – to stydy the necessity of ECAs in Azerbaijan, define the directions demonstrating aspects of ECAs and give proposals.
Research limitations – it was difficulties to gain the relative information and economic factors by statistic-mathematic method in the process of research.
Practical implications – to apply more effectivly international experience in the research process of ECAs and use it as a scientific source in the field.
Originality/value – to identify the necessity of the expansion of ECAs activities in the stimulation of the export in the national economy, specially in non-oil sector in the terms of new global challenges.

Keywords: Export Credit Agency (ECA), non-oil sector.

JEL Classification Codes: H21, G24

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