Hasanov Niyazi Akram oglu
Ph.D. assistant professor. Azerbaijan State Economic University


Purpose – the valuation of investment risks is estimated by the expert, using the theory of inaccurate numbers of quantities, regarding the possible outcomes from the point of view of its image formation, characteristic for the study of functions that can be adopted.
Design/methodology – is analysis based on mathematical models and logical synthesis.
Findings – the results show that the multiplicity of feelings that need to be summed up and, in the opinion of the expert, can not be accepted in this case, the assessment of intent is motivated and able to simply divide the majority of degrees in the level of possible dilated and this possibility has been proved.
Research limitations – are based on peer review, a low trough of knowledge of investment risks and the omission of statistical data on this question.
Practical implications – on expert assessment, the study of investment risks in scientific and practical research, give the opportunity to use as a scientific source.
Originality/value – evaluation and study of investment risks in a scientific and theoretical basis gives the expert new opportunities.

Keywords: expert, characteristic function, plurality of meanings, discrete.

JEL Classification Codes: E22, D81, С13, G32

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