Archives / Journal №11

Rzaev Parviz Gafar oqlu
doctor of Philosophy in Economics, Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic
Role of tax regulation in stimulations of enterprise activity 0.4 MB
Mamedova İrada Khalid qizi
PhD-Student “Oilgasscientificresearchproject” Institute SOCAR
The tax factor in economical appraisal of the oil and gas production investment projects 0.6 MB
Hamidova Mehriban Yadulla qizi
PhD in Economics, Baku State University
Theoretical views on the national economy 0.3 MB
Abbasov Server Alijan oglu
dos.Ph.D. in economics
Azerbaijan State Economic University
Joint business as a form of international business 0.3 MB
Kerimov Atik Ehsan oglu
PhD in economics, assistant professor
Azerbaijan State Economy University
The application of modern technologies in banking 0.7 MB