Archives / Journal №4

Israfilov Hasan Abid oqli
Ph.D in Economic, Dosent,
Azerbaijan State Economic University
Prospects for the development of the cooperative sector in the context of globalization 0.2 MB
Elshan Rasul oglu BAGIRZADEH
PhD-Student, Azerbaijan State Economic University
The problem of forming of common approach to conception of hidden economy 0.7 MB
Kulieva Ayqun Eldar kizi
PhD-Student Azerbaijan Cooperation University
Regulation of bank activities and increasing of efficiency of control system 0.2 MB
Alıyev Isa Huseyn oglu
Ph.D in Economic
Samandarov Seyfaddin Sabir oglu
Ph.D in Economic Azerbaijan National Academy of Science Institute of Economy
Taxation and other economic issues in Nizam al-Mulk 0 MB
Hajiyev Fazil Shohlet oglu
Ph.D in Economic, assistant professor
Azerbaijan State Economy University
The role of audit services in carrying out economic reforms 0 MB