Archives / Journal №1

Yusifov Jeyhun Ramiz oglu
PhD in Economics,
The Training Center of the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic
Taxation issues and innovative development in the global economy 0.4 MB
Seyfullayev İlgar Zulfigar oglu
Ass.prof., The Training Centre of The Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic
Research questions the effectiveness and efficiency of social tax exemptions 0.4 MB
Rzayev Parviz Gafar oglu
Phd in economics, Trading Center of the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Rzayev Zahid Huseyn oglu
ass.prof., The Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Ethical-psychological characteristics of the relationship between managers and subordinates in the management process 0.7 MB
Yusifov Yusif Fakhreddin oglu
PhD student, Economy Institute of the Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Currency politics, currency regulation and currency control in the condition of globalization 0.4 MB
Ahmadov Bahruz Natig oglu
PhD-Student, İnstitute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms
Assessment of financial stability in banking system: how to measure the functionality of the system? 3.5 MB
Mammadov Kanan Bahadur oglu
PhD. student, The Azerbaijan State Agrarian University
Problems emerging in Azerbaijan banking sector in terms of credit risk management 0.5 MB
Polukhov Togrul Nizami oglu
PhD student
The “OilgasResearchProject”
The integration of the modern controlling management body to the managerial activities of Azerbaijan IndustrIal enterprises 1.7 MB
Bayramzadeh Yashar Karam oglu
PhD in economics, Institute of Economy at Azerbaijan National Academy of Science
The current state of the national fuel and energy complex and its development trends 0.5 MB