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Musayev Akif farhad oglu
Doctor of Economics, Professor, Correspondent member of ANAS
Garayev Imran Aliyar oglu
Ph.Doctor of Economics, Docent
Social policy and economic growth 1.0 MB
Atakishiyev Mushfig Jamil oglu
Prof. Dr., Rector of “Tafakkur” Science and Educational Center
Social oriented economy is the foundation of sustainable development 0.5 MB
yusifov Jeyhun ramiz oglu
Phd., Traning Center for Ministry
of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic
The role of tax security system in the competitiveness of the national economy 0.8 MB
rzayev Parviz Gafar oglu
PhD, Training Center of the Ministry of Taxes of Republic of Azerbaijan
Rzayev Zahid Huseyn oglu
PhD, Ministry of Taxes of Republic of Azerbaijan
Taxation aspects of the economic model based on the effective state regulation and market relations in Azerbaijan 0.6 MB
Dr. Mesut Kayaer
Sakarya University - Public Administration
The use of Environmental Taxes, Subsidies and ıncentives, and foreign Aid as a ınstruments of Environmental Protection 0.6 MB
Omer Gokcekus
Ph.D. in Economics, Professor
Whitehead school of Diplomacy and ınternational Relations, seton hall
University, south Orange, NJ 07079, UsA.
Justin Myzie
M.A. in international Relations
Are political contributıons ın the us pure consumptıon GOODS? 1.0 MB
Mammadov Valeh Sadraddin oglu
PhD-Student Azerbaijan State Economic University
Analysis and evaluation of the mechanism of taxation of in a command economy 0.6 MB
Samandarov Seyfaddin Sabir oglu
PhD in Economics, Institute of Economy
in Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
"from history of the organizations of the insurance deal in Azerbaijan: 1920-30s years" 0.6 MB