Archives / Journal №5

Aliyev Seymur Cavanshir oglu
Phd-student Azerbaijan State Economic University
ınstitutional aspects of state policy on provision of economic safety of azerbaijan republic 0.7 MB
Hasanli Khudayar Abbasali oglu
Ph.d-student, The Institute for Scientific Research on Economic Reforms
Ministry of Economic Development of the Republic of Azerbiajan
Econometric modeling on business tendency survey 0.5 MB
Nabiyeva Beyim Azer kizi
Phd-student, Azerbaijan State Economic University
emphasizing the importance of foreign investment strategy for Azerbaijan within the context of present and future level of economic development of the country 0.3 MB
Bagirzadeh Elshan Rasul oglu
Phd-student Azerbaijan State Economic University
Hidden (unofficial) sector’s role in the economy: a literature survey 0.4 MB
Samandarov Seyfaddin Sabir oglu
doctor of philosophy on economy,
Institute of Economy in Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences
Historical and economic aspects of the formation and development of the exchanges in Azerbaijan 0.4 MB
Hajizadeh Elshan Mahmud oglu
Prof. Dr., Azerbaijan State Economic University
The role and importance of the concept of e-government in the development of information society technologies 0.3 MB
Rzayev Parviz Qafar oglu
doctor of philosophy on economy,
Training Center of the Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic
A view to theoretical basis of optimizing the tax burden 0.4 MB
Kalbiyev Yashar Atakishi oglu
doctor of science on economics
Azerbaijani State Economic University
Theoretical and methodological questions of definition information base of tax audit of the enterprises in construction sector 0.4 MB