Archives / Journal №3

Abdullayeva Yenila Alekber gizi
master of The Academy of Public Administration under the President
of the Republic of Azerbaijan
Taxes policy of the Republic of Azerbaijan and its direction of modernization 0.3 MB
Mammadova Parvana Oktay gızı
Azerbaijan State Economic University Turkish Program, Master Student
The shadow economy in Turkey 0.3 MB
Karimli Irshad Abduloglu
prof. dr. Azerbaijan State Economic University Department of International Economics
The concept of geo-economic development and the problem of national economic interests 0.3 MB
Tanriverdiyev Galib Azizoglu
The Trading Center for Ministry of Taxes, The senior lecture
The analyze of macroeconomic factors, created a non-repayment problem 0.3 MB
Hajizadeh Elshan Mahmud oglu
prof. dr., Azerbaijan State Economic University
Huseynov Faig Nuraddin oglu
phD in Chemical Sciences Baku State University
Nuclear Power: environmental and economic estimates and prospects 0.4 MB
Guliyev Shovgi Bahlul oglu
Ph.D. of economy, Deposit Insurence Fund of Azerbaijan Republic
Research of the effect of taxes on aggregate demand and aggregate supply 0.4 MB
Rzayev Parviz Gafar oglu
phd., Trading Center of Ministry of Taxes of Azerbaijan Republic,
Importance of special tax regime for economic regulation 0.3 MB
Seyfullayev Ilgar Zulfigar oglu
Ph.D in economics, Trading Center of the Ministry of Taxes
for Azerbaijan Repuibli
The research of income taxes influence to innovation actions of enterprises 0.3 MB
Aliyev Isa Huseyn oglu
prof. dr., Institute of Economy
in Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy
Samandarov Seyfaddin Sabir oglu
Ph.D in economics, Institute of Economy
in Azerbaijan National Sciences Academy
Azerbaijani thinkers’ discourses connected with taxation at the beginning of XX century 0.5 MB